Monthly Specials
KTC1003 Rivet Gun Kit
This great starter kit includes your choice of either the 3X or 4X rivet gun.  Provides the tools you need with four straight rivet sets, two flush sets, four of the most popular bucking bars and two rivet gun springs.  Unique design of the carrying case allows the air regulator to remain attached during storage.

3X or 4X rivet gun
Straight AN470 rivet sets: 3/32, 1/8, 5/32 & 3/16
Offset AN470 rivet sets: 3/32, 1/8, 5/32, 3/16 & 1/4

1 Flush Set
1 Flush Set with Rubber Guard
Bucking bars: KTC670DB, KTC638DB, KTC647DB, KTC681DB
Air tool regulator:  KTC202
Beehive spring:  KTC167
Mechaid spring:  KTC168
Red molded box.

KTC152-Ultimate Kit
KTC152 Ultimate
This 45 piece kit comes with semi-tubular, oval, AN470, AN455, AN430, AN442 & dimple die sets (male and female) for sizes 3/32,1/8, 5/32 & 3/16. Also has assorted flush sets. All Sets are .187 shank.  Custom Foam molded box with 1 ½” hand rivet Squeezer and 2" & 3” yokes and quick release pins.  The Hand Squeezer has adjustable set holder to easily adapt to multiple riveting applications. Tool is made of Stainless steel and quality craftsmanship.
KAT341C  Hydraulic Rivet Squeezer C Type
High production, low maintenance tool.
5 1/2" Reach x 1 1/2" Gap
Max Force - 10 tons
Required PSI - 90 PSI
Minimum Hose I.D. - 3/8"
Weight: 18lbs

Includes:  6 ft. hose & 3/8" rivet set.

One man job as opposed to two man job.
Factory finish as oppsed to marring from bucking.
Inexpensive fastener - doesn't require expensive Huck bolts.
Low noise, no air hammer pounding.
Low maintenance, no Huck gun or expensive and frequent repairs.
Cost effective, pays for itself after just a few trailers.

KAT-FD-2200 Floor Drill
Get off your knees, use a Floor Drill.
Features an ergonomic handle, powerful 1 HP motor, machined motor housing and a HD heat treated valve housing.

This tool is great for steel and wood floorings.

Tool Specifications:
Tool Weight - 7.85lbs
RPM - 2,200
Capacity:  0-3/8 Inch
OAL 28"
CFM - 35